• Easy resource synchronization for any Visual Studio project.
  • Machine translation option.
  • Export/import to other formats (.properties, XML).

About AppLocalizer

If you develop some application in Visual Studio or create a web-site based on ASP.NET you probably has a lot of resources (.resx or .resw files) for each language your project supports. Each time when you add a new item or delete some string in your native language resources - you need to make the same changes in all other resource files as well.
AppLocalizer helps you to automate these tasks and keep all your resource files synchronized.
Additionally our product can help you to translate your resources using some online translation services (like Google Translate).
Supported types of projects: .NET Windows Forms, ASP.NET (WebForms), WPF, Windows Phone, WinRT (Windows 8).

Main features

  • Easy to start: just point it to the root folder of your project and AppLocalizer will do the rest.
  • Synchronizes resources for different languages.
  • No additional items in your project - just plain .resx or .resw files.
  • Easy to add the resources for new languages or remove unnecessary ones.
  • Auto-translation functionality (requires a registration on the special online-translation service).
  • It's free!

Where to start