Ad-hoc visual query designer for your apps

EasyQuery components will be a useful addition to any application or website that requires some advanced searching and/or filtering functionality.
Unlike other query builders that require users to have some knowledge about relational database concepts, tables, joins, etc., our query builder components allow you to construct a query visually: simply by assembling a phrase in natural language.
EasyQuery supports different query languages (SQL, Entity SQL, Linq, Filter expression) and all popular databases: SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, Access, Postgre SQL, etc.

Available for : ASP.NET| WinForms| Silverlight| WPF| Delphi/VCL

Where to use EasyQuery

Our components will be very useful in almost any application where you need to search for and/or filter some data. For example, EasyQuery allows you to implement:

  • A form for advanced search. Especially for the case when you need to search by many different parameters and in various combinations.
  • A visual filtering panel that allows your users to build filter expressions for some DataSet or GridView in your application.
  • A form which selects data for ad-hoc reporting.
  • Or even a web-application for advanced web-search.

How to start?

What our users say

« We've had very positive comments about your product in our software from our end users since we first implemented it. EasyQuery is truly an extraordinary development! »
Robert S Hedin Charter.NET

Use cases

Dynamic PHP query builder with EasyQuery

How to use EasyQuery widgets to implement an user-friendly dynamic query builder on your PHP web-site

Common SQL queries - how to build them with EasyQuery

Several examples of most common SQL queries and instructions how to build them with EasyQuery