EasyQuery ASP.NET

  • User-friendly query builder for your ASP.NET app
  • Can be used both in WebForms and MVC applications
  • Any database: MS SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, etc
  • Based on EasyQuery solution
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Ad-hoc query builder is a useful addition to WebForms and the MVC web-app that requires some functionality for advanced searching and/or filtering. EasyQuery ASP.NET components provide your application with a powerful and easy-to-use interface for visual query building. It helps your users build their own queries and reports without the necessity to call for additional assistance or to contact your support team.


  • All kinds of ASP.NET projects are supported: WebForms, AJAX, MVC.
  • Friendly, natural language query builder UI: users do not need to know about your tables, links, fields or any other DB-related things.
  • Programming language: C# (can be used in VB.NET or any other .NET language as well).
  • Supported databases: MS Access, MS SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL or any other database as well as object-relational-mapping solutions (like Entity Framework)
  • Supported .NET framework versions: 2.0 and higher.

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