EasyQuery WinForms

  • User-friendly query builder for any WinForms (C#, VB, etc) app.
  • Good for: advanced search forms, data filtering panels, etc.
  • Any DB, any format of SQL syntax.
  • Entities Framework support.
  • Based on EasyQuery solution
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Dynamic SQL query builder will be a good addition for any Windows Forms application (especially a database-related one). EasyQuery WinForms is designed to help you with this task.
As a result, your C# or VB.NET application get an end-user-oriented query builder which helps your users to run any queries they can imagine without any additional assistance from your support team. EasyQuery components allow them to build even complex queries or filter expressions visually simply by assembling a phrase in natural language.


  • Natural language user interface for query building.
  • Distributed as 100% pure .NET assemblies.
  • Written in: C# (can be used in VB.NET or any other .NET language as well).
  • Databases: MS Access, MS SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL or any other database as well as object-relational-mapping solutions (like Entity Framework)
  • .NET framework versions: 2.0 and higher

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